Safety First
Safety First

You’ve probably heard the statement “Accident prevention is everyone’s responsibility.”  We at Anderson & Associates BELIEVE this statement & know not one person can consistently watch, guide, & instruct every operation every day.

Our organization’s management team is very concerned with your workplace well-being & safety.  However, no one person is more important than you when it comes to doing your job in a safe manner.

  1. As an employee of Anderson & Associates you are responsible for:
  2.  Asking questions related to the job and the safety controls designed to reduce accidents.
  3. Ensuring you have the proper safety equipment and that it is in proper working order.
  4. Abiding  by all company safety policies and asking questions when something isn’t clear.
  5. Discouraging co-workers from engaging in at-risk behaviors while at work through active awareness.
  6. Making Anderson & Associates aware of any workplace safety concerns.

You should know how to do your job safely which requires a level of risk awareness beyond your immediate tasks.  The training you receive, the established work procedures, the general safety rules, and the use of common sense all provide the basis for you and your co-workers to go home safely and free of injuries.