Balancing Act
Balancing Act

In the field of accounting it seems like there is always something to balance. There are numerous reconciliations to accomplish, and reaching that point where figures balance not only has a necessary purpose but can also have a sense of satisfaction. Balancing the accounting workload and your work day is very important as well. It is essential to get the various duties completed timely, but it is also nice to have some variety in the work day whenever possible. For maximum efficiency and job satisfaction, you might try some of these suggestions:

– Prioritize the different projects you need to work on.
– Always keep a calendar handy for deadlines, and give yourself enough leeway for upcoming due dates. Things often happen that may alter your plans for the day. When planning your schedule, be sure to also consider dates that banks and postal services are closed.
– If you need information from others to complete your tasks, be sure to allow enough lead time to receive the information so you won’t be scrambling at the last minute.
– Know when you are better able to tackle certain projects. Are you a morning person, or are you sharper in the afternoon?
– Divide your work day into two halves, then pick projects that you are better able to accomplish in the morning or afternoon,  if you have the flexibility to do so.
– Design effective spreadsheets that will keep track of a lot of the information you regularly use, then pull them out and use the information as needed. It saves time and allows you to put a lot of that paperwork away.
– Develop an efficient filling system and use it. Wasting time looking for things is time that could be much better spent on the needs of the business. It also saves a lot of frustration.
– When you take breaks from your more sedentary duties, get up and walk around; it can relieve some tension and also clear your head and give you a fresh perspective.

Managing the responsibilities and duties of the job instead of letting them manage you can help to create more balance and a win-win situation at work.